Debut performance of Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley a success!!!


The Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley had their debut performance Sunday night, July 22 in the Kent Concert at USU.

Here is a link to the announcement we posted for this concert:

The performance went extremely well! From estimates given by USU Alumni Band members based on performances that last few weeks, we only expected around 30 people to show up. Add on the fact that the concert was moved from the lawn of the Quad on the east side of Old Main building to instead be held in the Kent Concert Hall, and it was actually surprising to see such a huge turn out. The Kent Concert Hall holds 2168 people, and we believe the venue was over half full if not 2/3 full. We were definitely very enthused to have such a large audience for our debut performance. And we are very appreciative to the directors and performers of the USU Alumni Band for allowing us to perform as part of their concert.

Kent Concert Hall, USU

Kent Concert Hall, USU

Seven of our chorus members were able to be there for this performance. Other chorus members had other commitments that day or are on a hiatus due to their participation in other vocal group performances this summer.

We have already received a lot of praise and feedback from concert attendees. And we appreciate your comments and your support! One attendee said they believed we had the loudest applause the entire night. And while we don’t believe we stole the show from the USU Alumni Band, we are very appreciative for the way the audience received our performance. Another audience member remarked how surprised they were at the flexibility of the chorus members being able to sing with a very large vocal range. Our chorus members shifted vocal parts on almost every song we performed. We had high parts shift down to lower at times. We even had Basses and Baritones shifting up to sing Soprano and Alto in falsetto. Another audience member remarked how much the Do-Wop songs reminded them of their time in Chicago.

One audience member told us how he loved hearing “Ezekiel Saw The Wheel” as it reminded him of when he sang the song with a quartet in the 80s. We knew there would be a few people in the audience that should recognize that song.

We have had a handful of people ask how long we’ve been singing together. And we have loved their reaction when we tell them we’ve only been rehearsing together for 2 months. The chorus members have done a wonderful job with their dedicated rehearsal to get the songs ready for performance. Each chorus member deserves an individual applause!

We had a lot of fun up on stage. We love the songs we sing. And we do our best to put all of our emotion in the songs. We hope the audience could tell how much fun we were having.

We are very appreciative to our own chorus member, Bryan Earl for organizing this performance for us. Besides singing with our chorus, Bryan Earl also plays clarinet in the USU Alumni Band. So he had double duty for this performance.

We hope to be able to announce more performances in the near future. We currently do have a concert scheduled for December 15, 2012 at the Why Sound venue here in Logan, UT. We also hope to be scheduling a Christmas performance in the Logan Tabernacle. But we would love to have some performances in the months leading up to December. If you would like us to perform for a community event, please get in contact with us. Currently, we are singing free of charge! We are very adaptable and perform in many atmospheres. We have a few religious pieces we’ve been working on as well. We would love to perform at community events at parks, at conference meetings, community get-togethers, sports events, etc.


About Ben Burt Sings

I am co-founder of the the Acafellas and Men's Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley @MensAcaChorusCV and I am also a Bass Singer in the American Festival Chorus @AmFestChorus

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    Please click on the the link to read the review above.

    I am so impressed by my fellow singers in the Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley. Our debut performance was a great hurdle to get over. It helps us keep something driving us in our rehearsals. It is a milestone that needed to be reached.

    Our acappella group has been so much fun for me. And other chorus members have expressed similar sentiments. They say how even if we don’t have many people asking us to perform that they have plenty of fun just in rehearsals. And I agree, it is a LOT of fun to get a group of men together and sing without any instrument accompaniment. When those chords lock in, it brings a tingle to your whole body. I’ve literally had goosebumps during some rehearsals. I hope the other chorus members know how appreciative I am of their dedication and their support.

    I love hearing comments from audience members after a performance. I love seeing their faces as they say how much they enjoyed the performance. Their smiles when they describe how glad they are that we performed a specific song. Singing music is a service. While we do sing for the sheer enjoyment of singing ourselves. We also sing to share music with others. Music can change the outcome of a day. It can brighten attitudes. It can leave lasting impressions. It can motivate. And we love it when our music has touched those we share it with.

    I am excited to start working on new material with the Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley (MACCV). We will begin preparing for Christmas concerts in December and we will also work a few new pieces to add to our repertoire.

    Thanks again to those who attended our debut performance!

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