Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley to sing at the 2013 Logan Summerfest!


Come join us on Friday, June 14 as we perform as part of the Logan Summerfest. This is a FREE performance. Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your 4th cousin, twice-removed. Bring everyone!!!

What:  Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley performance at 2013 Logan Summerfest
When: Friday, June 14 @ 11:00am
Location: Logan Tabernacle, 50 North Main Street, Logan, UT 84321
Google Map:
Time:  11:00am – 12:00 noon
Cost: Absolutely FREE!!!

Map of Summerfest 2013:
Map of Summerfest Parking and Driving:

Link to music listing for Summerfest:
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Songs we will be singing:
Come Go With Me – Doo Wop song made famous by The Drifters
Ezekiel Saw The Wheel – Spiritual
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor – Sea Shanty / Folk Song
Can’t Buy Me Love – A madrigal arrangement by the King’s Singers of the Beatles song
Always – Barbershop arrangement of the song by Irving Berlin
Come O Thou King of Kings – religious, Men’s Chorus song
The Longest Time – by Billy Joel
Go The Distance – Barbershop arrangement of the song from Disney’s Hercules
When There’s Love At Home – Barbershop arrangement of religious song
Loch Lomond – Scottish Folk Song
Since You’ve Been Gone – by Weird Al Yankovich
In the Still of the Nite – Doo-Wop song made famous by Boyz II Men
When You Wish Upon A Star – Barbershop arrangement of the Disney classic
So Happy Together – Barbershop arrangement of the song by The Turtles
Some Day – Bluegrass song as sung by Blue Highway
Yes Sir, That’s My Baby – Barbershop song
Lonesome Road – King’s Singers’ arrangement of the song by James Taylor

It is official! We have been asked to part of the live music for the 2013 Logan Summerfest at the Logan, UT Tabernacle grounds which will be held on June 13-15. We are extremely excited about this opportunity. We are glad that we will be able to provide our fans, friends, and family a public performance to come and enjoy our music. We have been asked to put a 60min set of music together. So there will be plenty of songs for you to enjoy. We plan on singing some of the songs some of the Cache Valley citizens have already heard us sing. And we plan on adding many new songs. We will have a mixture of pop acappella, doo-wop, barbershop, men’s chorus, madrigals, spirituals, Scottish, and comedy pieces. There should be something for everyone to enjoy. Throughout the decades in the 19th and early 20th centuries, you could often find a barbershop or other men’s vocal group performing in city parks throughout the United States. They were often a staple in county fairs, park expositions, and parades. We are glad to be providing Cache Valley with an opportunity to experience what many of our ancestors experienced.

Also a dying genre of music are the “golden oldie” do-wop songs of the 1940s and 1950s. We strive to preserve this art form as well. We enjoy bringing back memories of times gone by to the older generations in our community. Of times that weren’t so rushed, where people were able to sit back and listen to music in a much more relaxed atmosphere than that of today.

There are many great musical artists in Cache Valley. But it seems that the majority of local bands are more of the rock or hard rock genre. We of the Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley appreciate these genres, but we feel some genres are being neglected in the local music scene. We are not like any other current Cache Valley artist group. While our roots are in choral singing, we are different from the American Festival Chorus, the USU choirs, and the various community choirs. We sing acappella music – meaning no use of instruments. And we perform genres of music that choral groups do not often venture into.

Come enjoy a wonderful time with us at the Logan Summerfest this June! Bring your friends and your family. It’s free! And who can let an opportunity like this slip by?

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    The Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley will be part of the live music for the 2013 Logan Summerfest. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a musical artform that has been preserved since the early 1900s. Please go to their blog and read their announcement.

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