The Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley (MACCV) is an all-around acappella men’s chorus which is comprised of 12 to 15 men, dependent upon the time of year, from around Cache Valley, Utah who enjoy singing acappella music together. The acappella chorus is based in Logan, Utah.The chorus was formed in May 2012 to gather the men of Cache Valley to sing various genres of acappella music together. The chorus focuses on many types of acappella music such as Do-Wop, Barbershop, Acappella-Pop, Gospel, Madrigals, Motets, Religious, Folk, Vocal Jazz, Bluegrass, Scottish, Irish, Celtic, and other Men’s Chorus music.  The purpose of the chorus is to provide an opportunity for all interested men in Cache Valley to have fun singing together and to develop their vocal skills.

Members of Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley sing in various other vocal groups in the valley. The chorus has members who sing in the American Festival Chorus and the Imperial Glee Club along with other community vocal groups.

Since forming in May 2012, MACCV has performed for the USU Alumni Band concert series, many private local events, and they have performed the National Anthem for USU basketball games on multiple occasions. They have had 2 successful seasons of Christmas performances including caroling at the Cache Valley Mall, private Christmas parties, and their own Christmas Concert each year. In 2013, they performed for the Providence Spring Creek Festival, Summerfest 2013 at the Logan Tabernacle, the Gardener’s Market, and the Fall Harvest celebration at the American West Heritage Center.

The Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley believe they are a unique acappella group. Rarely do you find an acappella group that covers so many genres of acappella music as they do. Many are familiar with pop-acappella groups such as the locally-started Voice Male. And we are all familiar with Barbershop and Do-Wop music. We hear great acappella music from collegiate choirs. But rarely do you hear it all in the same concert. One of the main influences for the chorus is the King’s Singers which successfully combine classical acappella music with more modern music. Other influencers of MACCV are Vocal Spectrum, Chanticleer, Swingle Singers, Cantus, Anuna, Voice Male, BYU Vocal Point, Barbershop, MoTown / Do-Wop, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Billy Joel, Gospel Music, Madrigals, Chamber Choirs, and Tonic Sol-Fa.

The Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley strive to appeal to all types of music enthusiasts in their audiences. Older fans appeal to the more traditional pieces and their barbershop pieces. The younger generation appreciates their pop-acappella numbers. And virtually everyone loves their Do-Wop pieces.

The chorus has progressed rapidly during its first year of inception. They are eager to reach new heights in the future and they hope they can gain more fans as they continue performing throughout the community.

Our Influences:

  • King’s Singers
  • Chanticleer
  • Swingle Singers
  • Cantus
  • Anuna
  • Voice Male
  • BYU Vocal Point
  • Barbershop
  • MoTown / Do-Wop
  • The Temptations
  • The Four Tops
  • Billy Joel
  • Vocal Spectrum
  • Gospel Music
  • Madrigals
  • Chamber Choirs
  • Tonic Sol-Fa
Current Chorus Members:
  • Ben Burt
  • Brandon Bowen
  • Brian Joy
  • Bryan Earl
  • Gary Holyoak
  • Greg Larson
  • Harry Heap
  • Izaak Wierman
  • Jim Anderson
  • Jonathan Choate
  • Kevin Haws
  • Kirk Farmer
  • Nate Madsen
  • Otto Puhlmann
  • Roger Western
  • Scott Cannon
  • Steve Amott

For more information on the beginnings of this chorus and our philosophy, please read this blog post that was created in April, 2012 to declare our intentions of forming this group: Charter for a New Men’s Acapella Group in Cache Valley, Utah: http://bit.ly/Ix0QfP

To contact us, please send us an email at mensacappellachoruscachevalley@gmail.com.

If you are interested in joining the chorus, please visit our “Join the Chorus” page above.


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