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The Men’s Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley (MAC) has many influences and we try to cover a broad spectrum of acappella music. This ensure we don’t get too bored with any one genre. Plus it allows a broader audience to enjoy listening to our performances. It also keeps the audience on their toes. We sing Do-Wop, Gospel, Pop-Acappella, Spirituals, Classic Men’s Chorus, Barbershop, Madrigals, Chamber Music, Irish, and other genres.

We thought some of our fans might enjoy it if we shared some of the songs we listen to help inspire us, give us new ideas for songs to rehearse, etc.

We will probably be updating this page from time to time, adding videos, playlists, etc. So check back from time to time. We hope to link to YouTube videos, Spotify playlists, etc.


A couple of our chorus members are proponents of “Spotify”. Spotify is another provider of online radio stations. Most people are familiar with “Pandora Internet Radio”. Pandora allows you to stream music from radio stations that learn what type of music you like. The problem with Pandora is that it acts like a radio station, where you don’t have control of which song plays. Plus, the free version of Pandora only allows you to skip songs 6 times per hour.

Spotify has come into the arena the last few years. Spotify has a different philosophy on internet radio. Spotify is based on the users creating their own song playlists (instead of having the internet come up for them). So the user has much more control. Even with the free version of Spotify, you can skip as many times as you want. You can play a specific song in your playlist. It is as if the songs you are listening to were your own songs that you had on your computer or on CDs.

Now, until recently, Pandora still held the upper hand with Music Discovery. They based what songs played on your radio stations by taking into account all of the songs you had “thumbed up” or “thumbed down”. It would then learn which songs you wanted to play on a specific station that you created. Spotify did not have that capability until recently. Spotify DID have radio stations, but they were all based on an artist – such as the Phill Collins Radio Station. And you couldn’t adjust the station to your own likes. Recently, Spotify has added a feature to play a radio station based on your saved playlists. This basically replicates what Pandora Radio does. Except you can still skip as often as you want. Pandora still seems to do a little better at making their radio stations tweaked just to your likes. But Spotify playlist radio stations aren’t that far behind.

Another  internet radio provider similar to Spotify is “Grooveshark”. But currently, we don’t have any Grooveshark playlists to share with you. Who knows, we may have some in the future.

One of our chorus members, Ben Burt, has created some pretty extensive Spotify playlists that he wanted to share. If you are a Spotify user, subscribe to these playlists and go crazy listening to them. They are pretty amazing. We apologize for the many spellings of “Acappella”. All are acceptable, but we have since settled on using “acappella” for our chorus.

Hits Acapella / Barber / Chorus  – This is a compilation of all sorts of Acappella, Barbershop, Men’s Chorus, and other Chorus hits. This is the playlist that Ben uses most often for inspiration. He also plays songs from this playlist during MAC rehearsals to give us all ideas and help us know what sound to develop on any specific song.

Acapella / Barbershop Hits – The above playlist minus the Chorus hits. So only Acappella and Barbershop music.

Accapella Hits – All of the Acappella hits that Ben has found on Spotify. These songs are pop/rock covers that include vocal percussion on most songs. There are some great songs by some amazing groups on here.

Barbershop Hits – A collection of all the Barbershop hits Ben has found on Spotify. Gotta love men singing tight four-part harmony!

The following playlists compose all songs on Spotify – not just the hits. If you want to hear some songs you’ve never heard before, give them a try:

Acapella 2
Men’s Accapella
Men’s Chorus Hits
Men’s Chorus
Men’s Chorus 2
Acapella / Barbershop
Acapella / Barbershop 2
Acapella / Barber / Chorus
Acapella / Barber / Chorus 2
Accapella Church
Accapella Patriotic
Do Wop Hits
Do Wop

If you enjoy these playlists, let us know. We may post others if there are enough people that want them.

Here we will post some of our favorite YouTube videos when we get the time. So stay tuned:


About Ben Burt Sings

I am co-founder of the the Acafellas and Men's Acappella Chorus of Cache Valley @MensAcaChorusCV and I am also a Bass Singer in the American Festival Chorus http://bit.ly/pxJ13f @AmFestChorus http://bit.ly/tLymHN

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